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Looking for a Dynamic Business Partnerwho can join for various category of services. You can list your core area of work for providing services and goods. Some of are listed below :

  • Customer Verification Agency (CVA/FI)
  • Event Management company.
  • Wedding organizer and allied services
  • Wedding Place/Banquet Hall Provider
  • Entertainer/Performer
  • Other service provider like beautician, Photographer, caterer, decoration, Dress Designer, Jewelers etc.
  • Supplier of Wedding Clothing & Accessories and Designers
  • Other Goods/services related to Wedding event

Benefits with Wedspair

  • Freedom to work on assignment basis.
  • Weds Pair provide new technology for traditional values.
  • Support by Experienced & Extensive Team of Wedspair.
  • Benefits of quality campaigns and professional advertisements.
  • Largest wedding services range.
  • Affordable Price Range Products.
  • Social work satisfaction.
  • Easy Terms & Conditions to be Part of WedsPair.
  • Largest wedding services range
  • Affordable Price Range Products
  • Boost to your current earning

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