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Why this Services ?

Marriage is one of most important decision and emotional journey of life not only for wedding couple but also for two families. Every person when he/she decide to marry, search a dream life partner who has compatibility on various ground like caste, community, language, education, work, earning, family, living standard, lifestyle, emotions, intellectual, astrological etc . Some time it is not possible for him/her to list all requirement what he/she want in dream life partner.

Wedspair.com respect your most cherish moment of life and assist you to “CREATE YOUR OWN WEDDING STORY” right starting from searching your life partner to actually tying a knot in a mesmerizing wedding. You can avail quality of service like match making where you can pick a person of your choice, verifying the genuineness of prospective life partner, meeting with your prospective before your commitment, taking astrologer advice and finally arranging wedding events. You can click on link below to know more about these services.

“आखिर, शादी ही जीवन का सबसे बड़ा फैसला होता है ।”

Match Making

Profile Verification

Meeting Arrangements

Marriage Counseling

Astrologers Advice

Wedding Management